“Katie Ward's commitment, as part of her ongoing portfolio of work, to 'issue' based narrative's structures within her choreography is to be applauded. Her performance piece, Triangle was received with a great deal of interest and enjoyment at Dance4’s ADVANCE conference in 2005, a conference exploring the relationship between dance, health and well- being. The innovative approach and concept of this piece, tackling teenage health issues, was recognised by the East Midlands Public Health Department, who approached Katie to show Triangle as part of their regional conference in 2006.”
Nicky Molly - Director of Dance 4.

"Fantastic dancing, couldn't believe the movement in and around the car... sex is very exciting, but can have very tough consequences. The performance captured the reality, and the importance of sex and relationships whilst making it really clear that people can get very seriously hurt"
Manager of Advocacy Service

“Great energy, good choice of music, can really see the benefits of using this piece as a basis for youth workshops" Community Worker

“Triangle worked brilliantly with space and car, dealt with issues without shouting, left audiences with ideas, accessible and targets a broad range of people, dance content interesting and challenging - good technique."
Louise Collinson, former Dance Development Worker Derby Dance Centre

“It was always clear who was who, and the relationships between the characters and how they changed, importance of friendship and how this can be effected by sex."
Young Person aged 17 years old

"They were all good actors as well as good dancers. I loved the way they slide in and out of the windows."
Young Person aged 14 years old

Photography by Harjeet Kaur