Triangle Education Package
A free standing educational package is available to complement the performance piece. The pack includes sexual health, relationship and dance workshops materials.

Triangle gives clear and positive health and education messages; as a result, Wardrobe Dance has been commissioned to deliver education work in for various organisations.

Triangle Outreach work
August/September 2005 - The Anchor Project in Nottinghamshire commissioned an eight week project working with young people at risk of social exclusion.

October 2005 - Creative Partnerships (BAM) commissioned Wardrobe Dance to work with students at Sutton Centre College to make a piece of live dance theatre based on sexual health and relationships. The piece was performed for the White Paper Conference ‘Children Matter’ at Derby Pride Park in November 2005.

May 2007, Derby Dance Centre in Partnership with Amber Valley Borough Council invited Wardrobe Dance to run outreach workshops, again based on similar approaches from Triangle in collaboration with the IronFX Youth Dance Company.

Comment from Lian Whitlam, Dance Development Worker, Derby Dance Centre
Using choreography from the Triangle project, Katie mixed sexual health issues with contemporary dance. It was the first time IronFX had been exposed to both of these concepts, and it allowed new ways of thinking and expanded their movement vocabulary. Whilst the girls appeared to be a little embarrassed at the beginning, they contributed well to the discussions on relationships and sexual health and enjoyed the choreography learnt.

On subsequent weeks IronFX posed further questions, about the issues raised in Katie’s workshop. The mere fact they asked these follow up questions, indicates that the girls did not dismiss this session and actually went away and thought about it.

Photography by Harjeet Kaur