Above an extract of the Triangle performance.

was inspired by the play ‘Rita, Sue and Bob Too’, by Andrea Dunbar, which was later made into a film of the same name.

Triangle explores the concept of healthy relationships. The dance focuses upon the implications for two teenage females on their journeys from adolescence to womanhood, through consenting to sex with an older adult male. Issues in Triangle explore the excitement, pitfalls and consequences of their shared relationship with an older man and an unplanned pregnancy.

Triangle raises and reinforces child protection issues, educating young people about the potential effect of harmful relationships. The performance promotes higher levels of self-esteem and confidence in other social relationships, and empowers young people to make informed choices. Triangle also advocates the legal consensual age of sixteen years, whilst advocating safe sex for all.

The dance is staged in and around an actual Toyota Corolla, which is a novelty focal point and set for this unique piece of dance theatre.

Research and Development
The concept was influenced by the findings of research undertaken with young people from Kirkby College and car maintenance students from West Nottinghamshire College; in  collaboration with Ashfield based sexual health organisation SEXions.  

The premier of Triangle in 2004was at the car maintenance workshop at West Nottinghamshire College, for members of the research group, SEXions and other project partners.  The positive feedback helped secure funding from The Single Community Program (Ashfield Links) and ACE, to tour the district in June 2005. 

Katie Ward’s article on the conceptualisation of the Triangle project published in Animated, Summer 2005 by The Foundation for Community Dance, is available to download on the PDF file, click here.

Dancers Amy Thomson, Dominic Martinovs, Katie Mutton, Tids Pickard, Gemma Roebuck, Shame Shambu
Soundtrack by David Brace
Choreographed and Directed by Katie Ward
Education Pack written in collaboration with SEXions and Katie Ward

Photography by Harjeet Kaur