Wardrobe Dance was formed in April 2001 by Artistic Director Katie Ward.

“I believe that dance is for everyone regardless of age, background or ability. Dance has the potential to unlock creativity within all of us and open our imaginations to new possibilities. This ideology colours all my work whether with professionals, or in participatory workshops, the focus is on generating uninhibited, free and organic movement.

Dance is about exploring, expressing human experiences, this is reflected and apparent in my choreography.”

The hallmarks of Wardrobe Dance are live performances and films in novelty settings. A particular focus is outreach work in educational, health, community and business contexts. 

The work is multi-faceted and flexible in meeting the needs of audiences. Wardrobe Dance takes its work outside traditional theatre spaces, using public and natural environments and creates inventive and visually exciting arenas for performances. 

Characteristically, the choreographic approaches concentrate on responding to selected narratives and themes.  The imagery and movement has a marked theatrical, quirky, colourful, and visual quality which is layered with feeling and emotion.   

Through innovative choreography, human relationships which reveal personal politics and the associated raw emotions are examined.

Wardrobe Dance’s collaborative and supportive ethos embodies the nurture and development of all participating artists.