Our House commissioned by Dance 4 for ‘The Nottsdance Festival 2001 – Six of The Best’.

The choreography of Our House explores the place of change in achieving individual freedom.

Our House, inspired by Henrick Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House (1879), lifts the themes from the subtext of the play and explores the theme of ‘love’ as an illusion. The theatrical dance performance uses the visual impact of set, properties, costumes and film.

The production is an examination of how one can become an emotionally manipulated “doll” by someone who claims to love us, or, at least thinks they do. Somewhere in the process, so-called ‘love’ can become a source of power and self-gratification for the giver; becoming an obsession, no longer unselfish and caring, but of an abusive and unpleasant nature.

Dancers Stephanie Hall, Nicky Burt, Sarah Nichols, Thom Shaw
Soundtrack Neil C Smith
Set and Costumes Katie Ward
Choreography Katie Ward

Photography by Louise Baker