Ash Green Learning Disability Service, Chesterfield (PCT)
Foot Prints 2003 - choreographed performance piece with adult students with learning and physical disabilities at Clown College.

Evolution 2003 - Collaborative project with Music and Art Therapist and adult students from Clowne College to create a performance piece.

The Folk Tales of Russia 2003
- Performance piece at Clowne College.

China Town 2004 - Performance piece by adult students at Clowne College.

Body Imaging - My Body Machine 2004 - Performance piece, in collaboration with Occupational Therapist, and clients from Golding House Day Centre. This project was tailored for clients who had a negative body image, and aimed to boost higher levels of self esteem and confidence.

The performance piece toured venues, including the Medway Centre in Bakewell, Ashbrook Day Centre and Ash Green Learning Disability Hospital in Chesterfield.

The Masque Parade 2006 - Performance piece based on the theme of the Renaissance Italy, A bringing together of dance, art and music for an outside arena performance at Ash Green Learning Disabity Hospital.

Amber Valley Borough Council, ‘Artery’ and Healthy Living Initiative 2001 - 2006
Facilitated various community projects with children, teenagers and older people, schools, community centres, day care venues and sheltered housing.

County Youth Arts, Nottinghamshire 2001-2003
Various outreach dance workshops have been provided throughout Nottinghamshire to engage disaffected young people.

Two dance projects; The Mencap Dance Group and The Manton Youth Group were selected and successfully auditioned to perform at the County Youth Arts Showcase at Mansfield Palace Theatre.

Doncaster University Centre, (University of Hull) 2006
Katie directed dance pieces; Cup of Tea, Sketching, Weight Watching and worked as a choreographic mentor for dance degree students.

Heathlands Primary School, Mansfield 2007
Dance Teacher for Key Stage 1 students

Comment from Mark Aske, Head Teacher
“Katie delivered a Creative Dance Club to the 4 to 7 year old children at my school. I received favourable comments from parents and the children thoroughly enjoyed their weekly activities.”

Stone Youth Centre, Staffordshire 2007
Choreographed dance performance with young people ‘Punk’ for a regional Youth Award.

Photography by Katie Ward