Only Angels Obsess… Only Angels Have Wings…
Based on an original idea inspired by Raphael’s portrayal of a seemingly perfect angel in the Sistine Chapel, Rome.

This image of perfection is shattered, when the angel becomes unhappy about its appearance, and disenchanted with its role as a guardian angel.

Through dance Only Angels Obsess… Only Angels Have Wings… contemporary social issues are explored through constructing and de-constructing the image of a perfect angel, and raises questions about our own body image and the impact of self perception in everyday life.

Through the eyes of an angel, we see the struggle of the co-existence of concepts of the perfect and imperfect, in a world of media obsession and celebrity status.

Only Angels Obsess… Only Angles Have Wings… First performed at Derby Dance Centre for the Ignite Choreographic Platform in 2003 and subsequently in secondary schools in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in 2004.

Follow up workshops to provide opportunities for discussion of the themes and an exploration of the choreographic approaches, rounded off the production.

The work was funded and supported by Amber Valley Borough Council, The National Lottery, Mansfield District Council and Derby Dance Centre.

In 2003 the project was presented to Estelle Morris ‘Minster of Arts’ for the National Lottery Awards.

Audience Comments
“It was very different and interesting.  It put a whole new viewpoint on acting and dancing” Student audience

“The performance was about self image and it doesn’t matter what you look like but what you are like on the inside.” Student audience

“It brought ‘body image’ to the fore and provided an opportunity for discussion in subsequent lessons; some of the students were revealing of their own ‘inner self’ and were quite ‘moved’ by the experience.”

“It provided a very valuable experience of live contemporary dance work to an audience who virtually never encounter this very important medium.”

Music Composition David Brace
Original Choreography Katie Ward in collaboration with Julia Howarth
Directed by Katie Ward
Touring piece performed by Dominic Martinovs and Amy Thomson

Photography by Joanna Gelhard